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Seasonal Teas from Teance

Teance is a local tea company from Berkeley, California, established to introduce true artisan teas.

Fresh, seasonal, handcrafted teas are personally selected from mountains of origin in Asia.

These single lots, unblended teas are showcased for their nuanced and complex tastes, reflecting

the climates in which they are grown. Each season, buyers from Teance travel to boutique, often

remote, high mountain farms, to taste and select these limited batches for our community and

tea aficionados.

Enjoy these following Spring harvested fresh teas:

White Peony Longevity Brows (White tea from Fujian, China)

Full of silver, whole buds, and lush green leaves. Named after the beautiful peony flower for

the highest grade, the plucked buds somewhat resemble a large silver eyebrow shape. One

of the most highly regarded and the most popular of all White Teas, White Peony is alternately

sun dried, then indoor hot air dried for natural processing. Its brew is slightly sweet and melon like,

with a bright, fresh lingering after taste.

Low caffeine.


Anji Baicha (Green tea from Anji, China)

Grown in the bamboo forests of Anji, outside of Shanghai region. Full of fresh, bright, fruity and

sweet flavors. Small bud and leaf sets are hand harvested and rolled into bamboo leaf shapes.

Our top pick this year for green tea lovers!

Low caffeine.


Four Seasons (Oolong tea from Nantou, Taiwan)

Grown and crafted by a tea competition judge, our Four Seasons Oolong is sweet, floral who

is extremely discriminating and meticulous about the crafting of his tea. His nursery is renowned

for its care and continued research and development into new tea varietals that meet the

ever-changing climates, such as global warming. His teas are some of the most pure and

nuanced that we have tasted in Taiwan.

Medium caffeine.


Keemun Mao Feng (Black tea from Qimen, Anhui, China)

This superior grade of Keemun has sleek black leaves, a rich amber infusion, and a complex aroma that is distinctive and penetrating without being floral. Keemun is the most distinctive tea in any English Breakfast Tea blend. Avoiding blends, we enjoy Keemun 'straight up' for breakfast.

High caffeine.


Lemon Verbena Herbal (Herbal infusion from Morocco)

Lemon verbena has an unusually pure, fruity lemon note with a clean, fresh taste. Popular in

Europe, it has been used as a relaxing beverage for centuries. The large, beautiful leaves are

light green and open fully after infusing in hot water.

No caffeine.